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Poop Jokes Toilet Paper- El Arroyo

Poop Jokes Toilet Paper- El Arroyo

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Our Poop Jokes toilet paper makes a fun gag gift or a shocking guest bathroom surprise!

* 3-ply paper

*Printed with safe-to-use inks

*Septic tank safe

* "I was startled by a loud fart...I was fartled"

* "Don't be a turd today"

* "Smile like you farted"

* "Poop jokes aren't my favorite but they're a solid number two"

* "Whoever decided farts are embarrassing really ruined it for the rest of us"

* "Your body is just a poop gun and eating is reloading"

* "It's one of those days where you can't trust a fart"

* "There are no limits to what u can accomplish when ur supposed to be doing something else"

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