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Tooletries - Grooming for Men

Tooletries - Grooming for Men

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Tooletries grooming tools, body wash, and shower accessories are not only stylish but help men feel good and look good. The flexible silicone bristles provide a gentle yet thorough exfoliation leaving your skin soft, rejuvenated, and clean. Body and Beard Wash are designed specifically for the man who take pride in hygiene. The Organization Tools can hold everything you need in the shower; body scrubbers and soap, toothbrush, and razors, shampoo bottles and nail clippers, and even a nice cold beer- because some days are rough! These make AWESOME gifts! 

Body Wash - Outback Bourbon 16.9 fl oz

Face Wash- Aussie Mint 5.1 fl oz

Beard Wash- Coastal Pine 5.1 fl oz

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